Friday, July 11, 2014

FO Friday: A layette of custard and mint

My first ever time making booties and mittens (thumbless ones)! Eeeee...everything is co cute, I feel like I could already eat those tiny little fingers and toes that will be cuddled in these!

My friend will hopefully be thrilled.

This was my third(!) Little Coffee Bean cardigan. Not my last I am sure. It's so easy and so cute. Maybe I'll even knit a solid version at some point? I tried to size down with smaller needles. I omitted buttonholes entirely and will be sewing on some snaps later.

The label only goes on the cardi :)

My second or third time making the Magic Coffee Baby hat. It just goes so well with the cardigan that I often wonder it isn't part of a set. I use regular ribbing and a smaller needle. Baby hat brims need all the stretch they can get IMO! Of course I had to add the pompom on top. It looks way cuter than an Icord I think.

I'm soooooo in love with these wee little mitts! Each one took me under twenty minutes to make on magic loop. I sized these down too.

The booties are well...not my favorite paret of the layette but they're still kinda cute. I'm not happy with the toe shaping on one of them. But that's my poor sewing at fault.

Link to all patterns here on my Ravelry page
Yarn used throughout: Knit Picks Brava, in mint and custard colorways
Needles- varied but ranging from 3.75 mm to 4.5 mm

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Pastel overload!

I've taken a break from the lovely Latvian Garden to work on some much needed baby stuff. They're all meant as gifts but I'm keeping the recipient a secret till the little munchkins arrive. All I can say is that everything needs to be ready by September, so that they can be sent to the recipient in good time and everything needs to be gender neutral.

First off, I'm doing my old standby for baby jackets- yes this is my third Little Coffee Bean cardigan!

I got a little tired of the grey stripes so this one is in pastel yellow and green. It makes me think of spring. So refreshing!

I'm also working on a matching hat-- yes its the Magic Coffee Baby hat again (another third!) in the same colors.

I've been asked to make matching booties and mittens too. I don't have a fixed idea of what pattern I'll use yet, but the color scheme will continue :)

I'm using the yellow as MC for the entire layette, so the green leftovers may work their way into another project.

I can't say enough good things about Brava worsted. Its the softest acrylic I have ever worked with, the colors are fabulous and so is the price. Plus I bought all the yarn during KnitPicks summer sale!

Sending to WIP Wednesday. I'm sure I'll have an FO post for Friday if I can get Blogger to work on my phone as we'll be traveling-- off to Cape Cod!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Still working on my Latvian Garden, still making little mistakes but still LOVING it!

Action shot!

I finished Chart 1. Three more to go!

I'm using CC 1 (the red) for part of Chart 2.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Repost for Friday

ETA: Still plugging away at the blanket. I worked 3 rows of hearts in red, 2 in bouquet (a heathery purple) and 2 more rows in red. Will add a final row of red hearts and then move on to Chart 2 :)

Reposting for Fiber Arts Friday and Creative Friday.

Color! Why was I so late to jump on the color work bandwagon? I love bright, saturated colors (as Vianden, Aidez, and many more of my projects testify), so color work and I should be natural affinities. Sadly, I was scared of all the twisting of yarn and long floats of yarn that stranding involved, of the bobbins intarsia involves and I just find double knitting a bit tedious.

So I drooled over the Latvian Garden pattern for months. Years, maybe.

Till I decided to jump in last week. And I couldn't be happier! Tension issues, and minor mistakes notwithstanding.

I'm leaving reasonably long floats since the wool is scratchy and the blanket will be lined.

The stockinette curls terribly. As expected, I suppose. The Palette yarn is lovely and saturated but I've found so many frayed and broken bits in the green its disgusting. At  least it splices together like a dream.

I'm sure there will be many more color work projects in my future. And I will need some hand holding and possible Dutch courage for the steek!

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday: An FO and some freaky weather

Taken by the Hudson, with the WTC tower in the background

We haven't seen the sun for almost a week here, instead we have fogs and 96-99% humidity levels. Ugh weather. It was so sunny on Sunday too! Sigh.

There are very few times when I stop knitting altogether. That's kind of what happened with this pullover. Unfortunately, it was a test knit, so I do feel bad that I took so long to finish it, but luckily I made the deadline and I wasn't the last to finish, so that sort of consoles me. It was a project that was interesting at first, but got a bit boring too once the lace part was over and there were miles of stockinette to do.

Its a tad loose- an issue most testers have reported to the designer. I had trouble starting the yoke too, but once Nell, the designer, clarified the positioning of the marker it went very well. The lace was actually pretty interesting to do.

I skipped the waist shaping with Nell's permission.

Other than that my only mod was to do a k2p2 rib at the hem instead of k1p1.

I love the color and the yarn. I might have mentioned how much I love the Dolce Merino yarn in my last post...well I can't say enough nice things about it.

Pattern: Daisy
Yarn: Dolce Merino (DK weight) in the Sassafras colorway
Needles: 4.5 mm (US 7) and 5.00 mm (US 8)

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P.S- Thanks to all the readers who commiserated with my meltdown post last Wednesday. It's nothing I've (or the DH) has done, just circumstances that are frustrating for us and over which we have no control. Your sympathy is deeply appreciated. Shukriya! 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

WIP Wednesday: knitting through a meltdown

When I have a lifarmageddon, I stop knitting and curl up into a (metaphorical) ball. When its just your normal, average meltdown, I knit lace.

The more complicated, the better.

I actually won the pattern for the Mehndi stole on Ravelry. Well, I won a pattern of my choice (the sponsor paid for the pattern) and I chose this. The lattice like cables, the sprawling vines, the smell of henna (ok so that's a memory!), I knew I had to knit this pattern.

Pic taken after 1.5 repeats of chart A

The complicated twisted stitches, the need to read the chart for almost every stitch is exactly what I need right now. It calms me and I can't stop to think! 

Even the reverse looks gorge!

I'm using a yummy, yummy yarn. Its Universal's Dolce merino, a merino and microfiber blend and it is soft! I just knit a pullover with it and it was a dream to work with, no splitting, no fuzz and frogs wonderfully. My swatches didn't grow or shrink either. It's going to be a cuddly wrap.

If the p2together tbls don't kill me first.

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